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NUMERO 8 SPAIN is a young, entrepreneurial, non-gendered label promoting a more responsible fashion, handmade in their Madrid workshop.


Each NUMERO 8 piece will carry the "FABOLOUS & YOUNG" emblem without dictating a genre. It is the people who wear them that will bring their own personality, gender and soul to the garment.

With Alberto De Santiago as Creative Director and Demetrio De La Torre as Brand Manager and PR Manager, NUMERO 8 is an independent label that promotes total freedom of style and gender.

Youthful, entrepreneurial, fabulous and non-genred, the values are proudly represented by the duo through their designs.


All pieces are handmade in small quantities in their Madrid workshop. The materials are carefully selected to obtain garments with a perfect fit and a cut that enhances any morphology.


Because the collections are not designed for a particular type of person, but rather adapt to the person who will wear the pieces, giving them the style, gender and soul they want.

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