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Alexis Lechanteur, Fondateur

"I wanted a timeless sneakers made with real attention to detail and beautiful materials. After a long process of research and development, the 11.04 sneaker was born from the hands of passionate craftsmen."  

The timeless and genderless sneakers


ALLEMANDI was created by Alexis Lechanteur, with the desire to create a sneaker with a timeless design, in which a real concern for detail and beautiful materials co-exist. It had to be comfortable, mixed and have an immediately recognisable line. After a long work of research and development, the Allemandi craftsmen created the embossing which gives life to the reliefs present on the trainer: the 11.04 trainer was born. 

ALLEMANDI is committed to working with the finest materials and craftsmen in order to offer high quality and durable products. This complex development process makes the creation and manufacturing processes longer and results in small production runs.


The Allemandi logo embroidered on the back of the trainer and the natural rubber sole are distinctive features that make up the identity of these trainers. The colours have been developed to match the colour of the leather.

11.04 cognac_noir.jpg
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